The Language of Luxury - A Complete and Total Foundation

In this course, you will gain access to 26 episodes jam packed with all the information you need to serve luxury clientele. Whether you are just starting out or are on the cusp of a breakthrough into this pricing tier, these episodes will guide you through the steps necessary to increase your revenue and high-touch policies to better perform at this level.

What you'll get:

  • Episode 1: Consistency & Cohesiveness – Why It Matters and How to Achieve It
  • Episode 2: What is Luxury? 
  • Episode 3: Marketing to Luxury, Lovely & Budget Clients - The Differences and How to Understand Them
  • Episode 4: Sales - Part 1: An Overview with Maria Bayer Gauer of Irresistible Selling
  • Episode 5: Sales Process: Part 2 - The Initial Inquiry + Phone Call
  • Episode 6: Sales Process: Part 3 - Proposal, Contract + Next Steps
  • Episode 8: Sales Process: Part 4 - Recap + Q&A
  • Episode 10: The 18-Month Rule - Why You Must Learn It, Embrace It and Apply It 
  • Episode 20: Your Pricing is Your Marketing with Gretchen Culver of Rocket Science Weddings and Events
  • Episode 37: What Does That Look Like? A Case Study in the Visuals of Budget, Lovely and Luxury Events
  • Episode 42: Building a Sister Brand
  • Episode 43: Breaking Up is Hard to Do: How to Release a Client 
  • Episode 45: Booking Timelines - Budget, Lovely + Luxury: What to Expect
  • Episode 47: Seed Planting, Genuine Connections + Real Relationships
  • Episode 55: Building Relationships with Your Clients (without texting!)
  • Episode 62: Blueprint to Break into Luxury with Rebecca Yale of Rebecca Yale Photography
  • Episode 68: How Luxury Clients Find You
  • Episode 73: Serving Luxury Clients + Attention to Detail: Do You Have What It Takes?
  • Episode 76: Keeping Your Eye on the Prize: Focusing on Luxury While Working Your Way Through Lovely
  • Episode 95: The 18 Month Rule - Revisited and Revamped
  • Episode 102: Luxury Creative Partners Aren't Order Takers (And You Shouldn't Want Them to Be) with Lauren Redman of Lauren Redman Design Co.
  • Episode 113: How to Attract and Manage Luxury with Andrea Eppolito of Andrea Eppolito Events
  • Episode 116: Managing Your Luxury Trajectory with Kayla Jackson Southard of Jackson Southard Events and Abigail Lewis of Abigail Lewis Photography
  • Episode 131: Uncovering the Hidden Psychology of a Luxury Client with KT Merry of KT Merry Photography
  • Episode 132: Managing Your Luxury Trajectory, Part II with Sacia Matthews of Sacia Matthews Photography and Megan Pettus of Megan Pettus Films
  • Episode 136:  What Does That Look Like? A Case Study in the Visuals of Budget, Lovely and Luxury Events, Part II

What People Are Saying:

This has truly been life changing for me!

Kayla Jackson, Jackson Southard Events

I just booked my largest contract ever (19k) and I wanted to say thank you for equipping me with the education/resources I needed to better understand the luxury market. What you are doing is changing people's lives.

Anna Shackleford, Anna Shackleford Photography

This is the best thing to ever happen to me - personally and creatively. Thank you, thank you!

Chelsey Barhost, Chelsey Barhorst Photography

I just want to send you a quick message and tell you how unbelievably grateful I am for you all and E3! It’s been such an incredible resource for our industry.

Sarah Love, Sarah Kay Love

This education has been a highlight of my year.

Victoria Della Torre, Etiquette Design

This has completely transformed our business, our family and our lifestyle. Thank you a million times over!!!

Heather Alana, Epoch Co Events

Shout out to the ladies of E3 for giving me the tools, education, support, and community to grow our business. This is the third email of its type that we have received since changing our consultation process after everything we have learned from this group. It 10000% works and I give SO much credit for our ability to book at these higher price points to what I have learned in E3! Will forever and always sing E3’s praises!

Dana Fernandez, Josh + Dana

This is hands down THE best education I’ve ever gotten for my business.

Abigail Lewis, Abigail Lewis Photography

This is for you if you are ready to learn from those who operate at a high-vibe frequency and are ready to take fast action in your business. If you're ready to walk in alignment and watch your business and life start moving the needle to get to the next level, then this is it.

Sacia Matthews, Sacia Matthews Photography

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