Learn how to book luxury clients with ease from three of BRIDES + Martha Stewart Weddings Best Wedding Planners in America

We’ll show you exactly how to attract dreamy high end clients who pay top dollar premiums while you garner local, regional and national attention running the most profitable, joyful and thriving creative business, EVER.


So, what’s this all about?

We’re sharing the biggest, boldest, juiciest secrets nobody’s told you about successfully attracting, booking and serving the luxury market; what luxury REALLY means and the #1 mistake we see other vendors who want to serve luxury make.

Here’s what you can expect from the content in our learning library:

  • Mind-blowing strategies, secrets, tips and tricks to successfully attract, book and serve luxury clients (we guarantee you won’t find this stuff anywhere else in the industry!) 
  • The exact formula to follow to double, triple, even quadruple your prices once and for all that will fill your calendar with only the most magical of clients
  • Real world, no fluff “tell it like it is” teaching and mentoring from three industry leading luxury planners (one of whom has a degree in Marketing and an MBA) who hold spots on both the Martha Stewart Weddings and BRIDES Best Planner lists (seriously, you don’t want to miss what we have to say!) 
  • Perspective for all disciplines on EXACTLY how to earn business from luxury wedding planners and what they need and want from you in order to refer and book you (hint: it’s not what you think!) 
  • A refreshed, renewed and profitable business model that thrives and enables you the time and space to breathe, enjoy your life and welcome both purpose and joy back into your passion again (think: working less and making more)
“I just booked my largest contract ever ($19k) and I wanted to say thank you for equipping me with the education/resources I needed to better understand the luxury market. What you are doing is changing people's lives.” - Anna Shackleford, Anna Shackleford Photography

Here's the truth:

You get to have a business that enables you to build generational wealth and ignites your personal fire so that you can impact the world. 

“This is the best thing to ever happen to me - personally and creatively. Thank you, thank you!” - Chelsey Barhost, Chelsey Barhost Photography

“You three ladies have given me such a gift with sharing your knowledge. This week I was able to raise my prices to a number that I thought was NOT in the cards. Then, I literally just landed in NYC right now to work on an NHL player’s wedding tomorrow. But again, I didn’t see it before. I truly feel unlocked right now. And it’s just getting started. It’s not even the best yet! So much gratitude in my heart for you all!” -  Sacia Matthews

Sacia Matthews, Sacia Matthews Photography

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The Learning Library

Featuring over 175 episodes and 200+ hours of content from heavy hitting luxury planners, designers, stylists, photographers, videographers, floral designers, stationers, hair and makeup artists, brand consultants and more

Proven roadmap

Watching our trainings are like gaining access to the cheat codes. Whoop! Watch, implement and take action and you’ll be upleveling with nearly immediate results.                                                                                                                 

Weekly Q&As

Content is updated weekly. We keep everything real, relevant, fresh and forward thinking and every training video includes a Q+A component.                                                                                                                                                          

A Myriad of Resources

From our handpicked industry and productivity resources to our must watch/read/listen lists and even our investment levels guide by tier and brands our clients love, there is a treasure trove waiting for you to reference.           

Learn at Your Own Pace

When you join, you’re able to watch and learn on your own time, how you best see fit. Your business, your rules, on your schedule. And with the option of yearly or lifetime access - we’ll always be here for you.

Here's a tiny sampling of the biggest names in the luxury biz you’ll gain access to in our learning library

Featuring over 175 episodes and 200 hours of content from heavy hitting luxury planners, designers, stylists, photographers, videographers, floral designers, stationers, hair and makeup artists, brand consultants and more

Episode 69
How to Get Published + Communicating with Editors:
What Martha Stewart Weddings Looks For - with Sarah Schreiber of Martha Stewart Weddings

How exactly DO you get publication opportunities? Explore with us what that process looks like and how to communicate effectively with editors. Learn from Sarah Schreiber of Martha Stewart Weddings exactly what Martha Stewart Weddings looks for in a submission as well as a time of Q&A.

Episode 72
The Man, The Myth, The Legend: An Hour with John Dolan

Join us for this special hour with photographer John Dolan. Explore topics like longevity in the industry, staying true to your style, and telling a genuine story. Learn from John through discussion and a Q&A.

Episode 112
Business Management: Operating and Sustaining a World Class Operation - with Andrew Roby of Andrew Roby Events

What does it look like to build a sustainable business in our industry in a time when nothing is guaranteed? Join us as we discuss owning and sustaining a major operation with Andrew Roby of Andrew Roby Events. Learn from our speaker as well as a Q&A on topics like boundaries, the process of hiring a team (and what to look for!), and even how to prepare your business to sustain the scaling process.

Episode 62
Blueprint to Break into Luxury: with Rebecca Yale of Rebecca Yale Photography

How do you get into the luxury tier of weddings, especially when you have been at budget or lovely for so long? Join us as we discuss steps to take to break into this high-end industry.

Episode 82
Seizing Opportunities: What it Means to Make Something Happen - with Chris Jespersen of Storybox Cinema

How do you define an opportunity? Explore what a good and not-so-good opportunity is, and how to tell the difference. Learn from Chris Jespersen of Storybox Cinema how to graciously respond to not-so-great opportunities and ways we can put ourselves in front of the right people to receive the good ones.

Ready to change your biz and change your life?

After implementing the learnings from our content you can expect…

  • To have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled your prices and be booking luxury clients with ease
  • To enjoy and savor your life on your terms by working less, making more and being a more fulfilled version of yourself
  • To garner the confidence and mindset necessary to become a tastemaker, thought leader, artist and visionary 
  • To be invigorated, inspired, renewed and refreshed in your both your business and personal life 
  • To have cracked the code on what it takes to book and serve luxury clients, no matter your discipline or years in the industry

Shauna and Jordan Photography

“I just have to say, we have more than doubled our pricing in the last 6 months and I am so much more confident in serving our clients. You have been a catalyst for many changes that we have made this year and because of those changes, I’ve never felt more proud of our work or been more confident in our value. We just booked a proposal we had out for $17,500 (it will easily be an over 20k wedding after we finalize the additional event coverage and additional hours of wedding day coverage). They followed our process (which we learned from you ladies) and they are so excited. Thank you SO much Courtney, Julie and Wendy for this education. You have genuinely changed our art, our business and our lives!” - Shauna Cooney

Amanda Slater Events

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being so transparent with your processes and knowledge that you've learned over the years. I just booked a huge influencer who is the definition of my ideal client and it was such a breeze - she booked me ON the call - and I don't think it would have been as effortless if she inquired before I watched these episodes. Seriously, I have gotten so many takeaways (both small and big) from you all and I'm so thankful!” - Amanda Slater





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Investment Levels Guide

No more wondering where you, your business or your clients stand within the industry. Understand the differences and nuances between budget, lovely, entry level luxury, mid-level luxury, upper luxury and ultra-luxury clientele once and for all.

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Brands Our Clients Love

Curious what brands align with luxury clients and what they’re attracted to and interested in? Check out all of our clients’ favorites for both retail therapy and interiors as well as gifting with this instant access juicy insight.                                                 

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Productivity Resources

An all-inclusive roundup of our all-time favorite industry and productivity resources, handpicked by us. Everything from software and payment platforms to brand gurus, web designers and industry leading conferences and workshops we  attend and support.

Meet your coaches

Julie Bunkley

Invision Events
owner + creative director

Julie Bunkley is the owner & creative director of Invision Events, a Birmingham, Ala. and Atlanta, Ga. based award winning design and plan firm. A public relations and design maven as well as a long-term, strategic visionary, Julie’s aesthetic and passion for building a brand is well over a decade in the making. Her eye is always on the long game, reminding us that a sustainable and successful business is a marathon and not a sprint. Julie and her team at Invision serve couples from coast to coast and are most well known for their refined and tailored aesthetic as well as their thoughtful and intentional approach. Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, People, The New York Times, Fortune, BRIDES, In Style, Town & Country and Bridal Guide, they’ve been named twice by BRIDES as a Best Wedding Planner in America and by Southern Living as one of the South’s Best Wedding Planners.

Courtney Wolf

Invision Events
Principal Planner

Serving as Invision's Principal Planner, Courtney is a business and life coach wrapped up in a wedding planner’s body, she's been dubbed a “personal trainer for your small biz” and a “small business therapist”. Her background includes a degree in Marketing as well as her MBA and with this lens she views our industry objectively and runs all things operational and client-facing for Invision.

Wendy Kay

Birds of a Feather Events
owner + creative director

Wendy Kay, Owner and Creative Director of Birds of a Feather Events,  comes from a television background where she produced and directed live television and called the shots - literally! After 8 years of 60 hour work weeks and feeling a disconnect the burnout was real and she decided she needed a change.  Today, after 10 years of owning her own planning and design business, much of Wendy’s time is focused on educating other vendors on best business practices to transform their own businesses through honesty and “tough love”. Wendy has been deemed a Top Wedding Planner and Event Designer Worldwide by Martha Stewart Weddings, and Best Wedding Planner in America by BRIDES.

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Megan Pettus Films

“I mean, where do I even start about how my life and business has changed since I joined? From 4k clients to 30k+ and stepping into my most powerful self. I am energized by my business and career, instead of it sucking my energy away.” - Megan Pettus, Megan Pettus Films

Lance Nicoll Photography

“I joined on the invitation of my good friends at Invision Events, candidly not knowing what to expect. This is one of the best grounds for professional growth and improvement in our industry. I can’t overstate the value.” - Lance Nicoll, Lance Nicoll Photography

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Jackson Southard Events

“This has truly been life changing for me!” - Kayla Southard 


Taylor Petronovich Films

“I’ve been LOVING the content so far. My mind is seriously being blown each and every time I watch one of the trainings. So. Much. Value. Thank you!” - Taylor Petronovich


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$99 / Month

  • Our exclusive content vault available instantly
  • Monthly payment, cancel anytime!
  • The perspective, strategies and support of 3 industry leading and award winning luxury planners

Learn how to book luxury clients with ease

We’re sharing the biggest, boldest, juiciest secrets nobody’s told you about successfully attracting, booking and serving the luxury market; what luxury REALLY means and the #1 mistake we see vendors who want to serve luxury make.

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